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Nassau County Closer to the Crib

A collaboration with the Nassau County Office of the District Attorney

The Nassau County “Closer to the Crib” program is a collaboration of the Adelphi University Institute for Parenting and the Nassau County District Attorney’s office. It aims to reduce recidivism or incarceration in criminally offending parents of 0-5-year-olds in Nassau County and stop the cycle of intergenerational criminal justice involvement.

About the Program

Baby being held by its mother.Closer to the Crib is a specialized crime prevention program that focuses on addressing the intergenerational trauma that led to the criminal justice involvement of parents who have 0-5-year-old children. The program also promotes positive developmental outcomes for the children of the offending parent(s) through evidence-based trauma treatment. Supporting a healthy relational environment and reducing the effects of toxic stress will decrease the likelihood that parents will re-offend, and that the children of criminally offending parents will become involved with the criminal justice system later in life. Families will participate for a minimum of 12-18 months.

The program provides comprehensive assessment, case planning, and case management, and at its centerpiece, child-parent psychotherapy. The varied needs that brought the parents of these children into the criminal justice system must be addressed as well. Both generations need to heal from the trauma that has led them to this point in their lives in order to stop the intergenerational transmission of criminal justice involvement. Without comprehensive assessments and effective evidence-based, developmentally informed and trauma-focused treatment, there will likely be continued barriers to breaking the cycle of criminal justice involvement, and the behavioral and emotional difficulties with which families in the criminal justice system struggle will continue to pose challenges for those individuals, families, communities, and society at large.

The intergenerational approach of Closer to the Crib, along with a case plan built on the unique need of each parent-child dynamic, creates the best likelihood of decreasing recidivism in parents with criminal justice involvement, as well as the greatest likelihood of keeping the next generation of children out of the criminal justice system; thus stopping the intergenerational cycle of criminal justice involvement.


  • Reduce recidivism and/or detention/incarceration in criminally offending parents of 0-5-year-olds in Nassau County 
  • Reduce the occurrence of abuse and neglect
  • Decrease parent-child separations (i.e. foster care and incarceration)
  • Address the substance use, mental health and trauma needs of criminally offending parents
  • Address self-sufficiency needs of criminally offending parent
  • Improve the parent-child relationship
  • Support the healthy brain development in prenatal to 5-year-old children by establishing positive parent-child relationships that will lead to healthier short and long-term physical and psychological well-being, improved school readiness and ability to learn, and lead to stronger individuals, families and safer communities.
  • Stop the intergenerational cycle of criminal justice involvement

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