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Nassau Thrives

Helping families affected by Superstorm Sandy.

Nassau Thrives is a project that is meant to help caregivers and parents understand how young children cope with stress like Superstorm Sandy and other changes in their environment.

The Adelphi University Institute for Parenting, The Child Care Council of Nassau, and Docs for Tots are partners in this initiative. It will focus on building natural resilience in young children in the communities of Freeport and Long Beach and other areas impacted by Superstorm Sandy, and is funded by a NYS Superstorm Sandy Grant.

Nassau ThrivesThe Adelphi University Institute for Parenting’s plan during the one year period of this grant is to work with child care centers and group family day care programs in the affected communities and help them to support the families whose children are in their care. The goal is to address both the short and long term emotional health and well-being of young children who have been affected by the storm, and provide valuable information to parents which can be helpful in other difficult or stressful situations. The program provides an opportunity to talk about fears and worries in childhood and to identify problem behaviors that would benefit from assessment and referral for treatment. 



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