Institute for Parenting

For Parents and Families with Young Children

The Institute supports healthy social-emotional development of young children and families.

The Institute for Parenting provides programs for parents and caregivers that include assessment, guidance, treatment, and/or parenting education for young and developing families.

Our clinicians and trainees can provide classroom observation, developmental insight, social-emotional reasoning, and early childhood reflection to teachers and other professionals in early education settings.

For Families

Our clinicians and trainees support caregivers as they develop healthy and nurturing relationships with their 0-5 year-olds.

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Nassau County Babies Can’t Wait

This program addresses the social-emotional and developmental needs of families with 0-5 year-olds in foster care.

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Nassau County Closer to the Crib

This program aims to reduce recidivism or incarceration in criminally offending parents of 0-5-year-olds in Nassau County.

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The “I’m Here For You Now” Book Project

Helping children find ways to manage anxiety in a developmentally appropriate way.

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