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Information Sessions for the M.S. in Infant Mental Health-Developmental Practice (IMH-DP)

Earn a second master’s degree for free!

Who is eligible to apply?
Accepted, enrolled or current first year graduate students at Adelphi in the programs of Social Work, Mental Health Counseling, Speech-Language Pathology or first or second year students in School Psychology.

M.S. in IMH-DP will prepare you to help young children and their families to:

A mother is laughing and holding her son as they play together on mother's day.

  • Form close relationships, social connections, support networks and enduring emotional ties
  • Develop a full range of emotions and a capacity to regulate them
  • Cope with stressors and adversity when they avail them
  • Attain their full potential when development follows atypical pathways
  • Navigate the child serving systems effectively
  • Become advocates for their own children

Where will I work?
IMH-DP specialists work in: Early Intervention, hospitals, mental health clinics, special-need preschools and integrated educational settings, early care and education, child welfare system, private practice as clinicians and early childhood mental health consultants, advocacy settings as policy specialists for systems transformation, and the list goes on…

Why do I need an additional degree when my primary graduate degree will give me entry into these positions and settings?
IMH-DP is increasingly recognized as a specialty in its own right and employment preferences will be given to those with specialized training

  • IMH-DP is a unique body of knowledge with its own evidence-based practices that will expand your scope of practice
  • Your options of service delivery settings for employment will be broader

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For more information or to apply, contact Nicole Trotter at, or 516.237.8511. 

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